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The Azlanti Star Empire is invading! Help
liberate the people from their merciless oppressors and uncover secrets aplenty
in Paizo’s Against
the Aeon Throne: The Reach of Empire
Adventure Path, now available
on Roll20.

Roll20 Features:

  • 15 new monsters and 10 starships.
  • Pre-made Roll20 character and
    starship sheets.
  • Maps with Dynamic Lighting for
    Plus/Pro users.
  • Adventure tailored for 1st level
  • Expanded lore for new creatures
    and new areas.

There’s no time to waste! The Reach of the
Empire will only grow and the secrets hiding in the Vast will be used for good
or ill… depending on who finds them first.

Grab your copy today of Against
the Aeon Throne: The Reach of the Empire
available for $22.99 USD in
the Roll20 Marketplace.


Pro subscribers, in case you missed it, you can also try out the
Roll20 Charactermancer for this adventure on the Dev server with your Starfinder
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