Calling All Hands On Deck (Building) to Kickstart MOONRAKERS

Are you ready to take on the entire galaxy? Moonrakers is a deck-building board game with a striking and bold sci-fi aesthetic. One to five players take on the roles of outlaws in a rough and tumble, space-faring future. The Moonrakers are looking for a new leader to cement and advance their place in the galaxy, and players compete to earn prestige and claim that title for themselves. Support Moonrakers on Kickstarter now to take to the stars!


To earn prestige, players complete contracts and objectives drawn from the decks on the board. Players choose cards from their hands to meet the requirements of a contract, but before they do, they must successfully roll the number of hazard dice shown on the contract card. Hazard dice can cost valuable prestige points, so roll well!

Players can tackle contracts solo or team up with another player for a higher chance of success, as some contracts can be too challenging without an ally. (The higher the reward, the more difficult the contract.) Players will have to negotiate to divvy up the rewards of prestige and credits, which can be used to purchase ship parts and crew members with abilities that can also help complete contracts.

On their turn, players can also choose to stay at their base to earn one credit and take an objective card. Objectives are secret goals to rack up prestige points, one point per objective completed.

Let Becca Scott tell you more about how to set up the game and get started in this episode of How to Play!

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Stylish sci-fi game components, replayability, and the compelling combination of strategy and negotiation makes Moonrakers a stellar choice for game night with friends. Visit the Kickstarter campaign to learn even more about this unique game.

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All Images: IV Studios