Callisto 6 Fan Art and Playlist: Cassie Charke by Amy Dallen

Callisto 6 looks into the dark future of LOS ANGELES 2119. After a massive ecological disaster, the giant corporations rebuild the city into a glittering beacon of the future. All it takes are the freedoms, the rights and the lives of millions of the citizens within the city. Lindy, Cass, Anton, Lacy, Oya, and Luma aren’t out to save the world. They’re out to make the Oligarchs pay.


Amy plays Cassie “Cass” Charke, a super-strong fighter inside and out.

“Whatever you’re planning, Cassie Charke is on board,” described Amy. “She’ll do anything but nothing, which is what her whole family has done for years, trading their hours to rebuild a city that they don’t own a piece of. If building it doesn’t make it yours, though, Cass will find another way; she figures it’s her city if she lives in it, so she’s cramming in as much living as possible. A couple of bruises and bad decisions? That’s just how you know you were here.”

Just like Cass, her playlist is a powerhouse. Punk and rock are at the heart of the song selections, with a little hard-hitting hip hop (via Into the Spider-Verse) mixed in. Whether you’re getting yourself pumped for an important day or need something to keep you motivated during your workout, channel your inner Cass with these picks.

And don’t forget to take a look at the fan art gallery below for some incredible art pieces of Cass from the spectacular SuperPunks community!

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Featured Image: Geek & Sundry

Illustration: @kkamabr