Callisto 6 Fan Art and Playlist: Lindy “Hopps” Hopper by Bonnie Gordon

Callisto 6 looks into the dark future of LOS ANGELES 2119. After a massive ecological disaster, the giant corporations rebuild the city into a glittering beacon of the future. All it takes are the freedoms, the rights, and the lives of millions of the citizens within the city. Lindy, Cass, Anton, Lacy, Oya, and Luma aren’t out to save the world. They’re out to make the Oligarchs pay.


Lindy “Hopps” Hopper, a super-charged hero with an electrifying personality, is played by Bonnie Gordon.

“Lindy is not very book smart and had to find a way to make money any way she could – she has a secret job that she works at nights that’s she’s pretty embarrassed about, so don’t ask,” says Bonnie. “She probably has more money than you though – she may not be book smart, but she’s a natural with numbers. Also, due to her night job – she has had a few “coworkers” teach her self-defense. Don’t piss her off.

“Though she might seem she has a chip on her shoulder at times, it might just be because she doesn’t quite fully understand what’s going on. She wears glasses, not because she needs them to see, but because she thinks with them on, people take her more seriously – they make her look smart, right?”

Bonnie’s playlist for Hopps shows a sweet side with slightly melancholy classics like “Hold On” and “True Colors,” paired with the driving beats of AC/DC and Pat Benatar for those times when you need a little energy.

Take a look at the gallery below for some spectacular SuperPunk fan art of Hopps!

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Featured Image: Geek & Sundry

Illustration: @mathilde_draws