Crafty Geeks: Handmade Gift Ideas For The Holiday Season

The holidays are fast approaching. Most people wouldn’t be having a problem with this but if you’re a crafter…you’re already late. Handmakers alike usually require a 6-month head start, but what about those last-minute gifts that you either put off or decided to add to the list two weeks before that gift exchange? You need quick and easy projects or gifts; items that can be made in a day or a weekend. So what’s a creator to do? This list of quick projects and gifts found either online or on your own needles/hook/machine, can be created without having to sacrifice precious time with your loved ones this holiday season.


For minimal time and effort, you can purchase an embroidery hoop and a fat quarter of either a thin leather or a sturdy canvas from your local craft store and have fun! Or you can check out this super easy $1 dice tray option (plus there’s chocolate involved).

Not particularly crafty or short on time? This Wisconsin artist has hand-crafted a stunning dice tray, complete with an included storage compartment! Now your gamer can keep their dice, pencil, eraser and whatever other small supplies they need for gameplay in one tidy package.

Dice Tray_Fuhrman


Make a full set for your gamer and present them as your loved ones’ new sneak attack dice. You can also work up a full set of all the polyhedrons with this pattern. These little dice would also be perfect to felt and fill with catnip for your kitty.


This double-knit dishcloth is a perfect reminder to your gamer that every clean dish is a critical clean dish. If you search through the famous crafter social media site, Ravelry, you can easily find hundreds, if not thousands, of dishcloths with simple patterns to display your special someones’ gaming passions. Note: If you want this dishcloth to actually clean dishes, make sure it’s out of cotton, which can be found at any local craft store.


You’ll need some crochet experience to make this little Toonberry Plushie, but he’s great for your Final Fantasy lover! If you want to make this Toonberry a little bigger, simply up your yarn size and hook size. You can even felt this creature and fill it with catnip for the cat of the family.


On top of being absolutely adorable, this Link outfit is perfect for your loved one having a little adventurer this fall or winter! This pattern is for all pieces: the sweater, pants, sash and hat, but you could absolutely get away with just the sweater, hat and sash. Want to make it extra special? Knit a little white Navi to go on adventures with Link! 


Search through Spoonflower for any fandom, get yourself 1-2 fat quarters and make your loved one a project bag or a sweet bag of holding for their gaming supplies. These can easily be a hand-sewn box bag or you can make a simple folded bag with a drawstring. The world is your oyster.

What geeky crafts have you made for your loved ones this holiday season? Leave a comment below! 

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Photo Credit: Kyle Fuhrmann

Photo Credit: Joanna Rankin