D&D: Get the Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica on Roll20!


Magic in the air! Wizards of the Coast’s Guildmasters’ Guide to
brings all the hustle and bustle of the scheme-filled city
into the Dungeons & Dragons ruleset, opening the door to campaigns and
characters from this popular Magic: The Gathering plane. First released to
Roll20 on November 9, this new setting has now entered full release worldwide!

Ten new
backgrounds allow you to build characters from the conniving and power-hungry
guilds that have shaped the city of Ravnica’s past and present, and each
background (along with 8 races, 6 of them brand new) has been integrated into
the Roll20
. You can use Compendium Sharing
to make all these options available to your (virtual) table, along with the new
rules, monsters, and lore of Ravnica. Write your own tale in this land rife
with political intrigue!

started is easy: Guildmaster’s
Guide to Ravnica
comes with the level 1 adventure “Krenko’s Way”
already converted to our virtual tabletop, complete with interactive
click-to-roll NPC sheets and maps enhanced with dynamic lighting.

This official Roll20 conversion includes:

  • The Guildmasters’
    Guide to Ravnica
    compendium, allowing you to search every rule, character
    option, spell, item, monster and piece of lore, both in-app and out.
  • Utilize Compendium Sharing to share the book around
    the table.
  • New background options for each of the 10
    guilds, integrated into the Roll20
  • 8 races integrated into the Roll20
  • 2 new subclasses.
  • Over 40 new monsters ready to drag and drop into
    your games with 1-click actions.
  • New magic items ready to be dragged and dropped
    directly onto your character sheet.
  • Game Setting & Map addon. Add
    the precinct, overland city, guild maps and related information into any of
    your games.
  • The 1st level adventure, “Krenko’s Way”, fully
    converted for instant play, with dynamic lighting and support for advanced fog
    of war.
  • Bonus
    character art pack
    featuring tokens and art from the book to use with any
    of your characters.

Lay your cards on the table and
pick up Guildmasters’
Guide to Ravnica
today for $49.95!