Director of ‘The Lego Batman Movie’ May Direct Live Action D&D Movie

It looks like the much-anticipated Dungeons & Dragons movie is moving ahead, and with its release date is already set for July 23, 2021 (which Paramount announced last December). Like any good D&D session, once the date’s been set, it’s all about getting the group together. By the looks of it, Paramount has reached out to Chris McKay to direct. McKay, who directed The Lego Batman Movie, has edited and directed episodes of Robot Chicken, was the co-director of animation for The Lego Movie,  is currently attached to the DC movie Nightwing and is also executive producer of The Lego Sequel which is currently filming.

Chris McKay
Keeping the director/DM analogies aside, having a director at the helm of a project is a big step in the film’s production. Yes, at one point, Ansel Elgort (most recently the star of Baby Driver) was negotiating for the lead role, but nothing beyond the talks has been confirmed. With Paramount now actively tapping talent to lead the project and committing to a release date, it looks like the movie is closer to becoming a reality than ever before.

Despite still being in early stages, the project has had twists and turns as not unlike its namesake game. Initially, it was thought Warner Bros. had the rights, but Hasbro, who has its own movie studio in AllSpark Pictures, and who owns D&D publisher Wizards of the Coast, had an agreement Paramount for distribution. A legal battle was fought and settled back in 2015, where Paramount came out on top.

It’s a long way to 2021, and any number of things can happen between now, but casting augury in this moment is giving us the result of weal.

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Image Credits: Wizards of the Coast, Gage Skidmore (Wikimedia)