Drink and Know Things With New GAME OF THRONES House-Inspired Whiskies

While we’re all impatiently waiting for the final season of Game of Thrones coming this April, we can do a few things to pass the time. One of them is to take a page out of Tyrion Lannister’s book and just unwind with a nice drink. If you’re ready to raise a glass to the end of the epic series, take out a loan from the Iron Bank to pick up one of these limited edition Scotch Whisky bottles honoring eight of the Houses of Westeros.

This isn’t the first Game of Thrones tie-in with premium beverages. You’ve probably already heard about the Westeros-themed Ommegang beers released in the last few years, along with officially licensed wine, and the Johnnie White Walker limited edition bottles released last fall. (The cold reactive bottles are stunning!) This newest House-themed collection raises the bar even again with premium Single Malt Scotch Whisky that’s worthy of the Iron Throne.

The whisky collection is already sold out in some pre-orders in the U.K., but fans in Canada can find the bottles in stores now. Game of Thrones fans in the U.S. can find it to order online if they’re ready to commemorate the final season. Just remember to drink responsibly so you don’t find yourself bending a knee in the bathroom the next morning.

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Featured Photo: Teri Litorco