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Taking A Look At The “New” POD Versions of Star Frontiers And The D&D Rules Cyclopedia

With the rise of PDF and POD (print on demand) publishing powering more role-playing publishers, one thing that I have advocated for a while now is that there is really no longer much of a reason for games to go out of print. Today I am going to look at the new POD versions of …

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Where Do They Get Their Laws?

Today I discuss establishing a setting’s law enforcement and judicial system. Historical sources indicate examples of organized court systems – Aeschylus’ Oristeia depicts the foundation of Athenian law and trials, with a jury of 12 citizens, and wise magistrates are a common feature of Chinese parables. A court will require some infrastructure,which will inform how …

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Sean’s Picks of the Week (0219-0223) – Special Ops Gaming Week!

This week I admittedly indulge a bit in some self-promotion for the upcoming Freedom Squadron Kickstarter, but I do so by pointing out a number of other great products oriented around military, paramilitary, and special operations in roleplaying. All who design in this field stand on the shoulders of giants, and I am thrilled that …

Sean’s Picks of the Week (0219-0223) – Special Ops Gaming Week!Read More »

News Digest: New D&D Licensed Products, Steve Jackson Games Annual Report and New Products, International Tabletop Day, and more!

Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news! New Dungeons & Dragons licensed products from the Toy Fair, International Tabletop Day announcements, Steve Jackson Games Stakeholders Report for 2017 and announcements for 2018, and more! Two big Dungeons & Dragons licensed product announcements came out of the Toy Fair this Source

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