GALLERY: Weave Society’s Incredible Stories Inspire Beautiful Fan Art

If you haven’t checked out our new RPG show, Weave Society, you really should. It’s a delightful story-driven experience with an endearing cast comprised of storytellers Amy Dallen (Wednesday ClubShield of Tomorrow), Whitney Moore (Thrashtopia), Becca Scott (Game the Game), Stef Woodburn (Mines ‘n Crafts), and Gina DeVivo (Mines ‘n Crafts).

Streamed on Twitch and Alpha every Wednesday starting at 9:30 PM PT, the cast has fantastic adventures using Weave – a system that uses a digital app and beautiful story cards that guide players and storyteller through an accessible roleplaying experience.


Each story is told over 2 episodes, with a new storyteller and a new playset starting again after a game finishes. Each story told is complete after 2 episodes, meaning that you can still jump and catch new episodes without feeling left behind by the story.

The first 2 episodes had Amy Dallen sitting in the Storyteller chair with the playset, “The Goonies” – an 80s inspired playset where the players were young teens who would befriend or fight monsters of all sorts. We’re one episode in (read: halfway done) the sci-fi inspired story with Becca Scott sitting in the storyteller chair, but despite only have 3 episodes, the fan art inspired by the show is incredible.

Check out the gallery below to see how some artists have envisioned the characters of the two stories so far. 

If you’re an artist inspired by the show, be sure to post your art on social media and use the hashtag #weavesociety so we can have a look. You never know, you may see it featured here on Geek & Sundry!

Be sure to catch the past episodes of Weave Society on  Twitch and Alpha, or watch it live starting at 9:30 PM PT every Wednesday night!