Joe Manginello Helps Sick Kids with D&D & More – Geek & Sundry Weekly Wrap-Up

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap-Up, where we highlight some of the articles and videos that have gone up over the past week that you might have missed!

Joe Manganiello Visits Sick Kids To Play D&D

“Don’t let the menacing characters Joe plays fool you–he’s one of the nicest guys out there. Actor, Dungeons & Dragons superfan, and Critical Role guest player Joe Manganiello recently spent some time during a visit home to Pittsburgh to create characters and roll dice with the kids at the Children’s Hospital.”

Read the full story (and watch the video) here.

Joe Manganiello in CelebriD&D

Keyleth Stands Among Leia, Buffy, and Batgirl in GEEK GIRLS DON’T CRY

Geek Girls Don’t Cry is an upcoming non-fiction book from Andrea Towers that takes a look at the lessons some of our favorite women in pop culture have learned on their unforgettable journeys.” Geek & Sundry had the exclusive cover reveal of the book, as well as what Marisha Ray had to say about the iconic character being featured in the book in the full story here.


Geek & Sundry’s January Twitch Schedule

We have some news about our livestream schedule! You can check out our Twitch schedule page to view the schedule in full, or catch the schedule highlights in this video:

Disney Princesses Play D&D In New Webseries

Damsels, Dice, and Everything Nice is a new scripted Dungeons & Dragons play series features all of your favorite princesses–including Princess Leia–rolling dice and playing nice. If they can make it past character creation, that is.

Fans of L.A. By Night will see a familiar face among the princesses with Cynthia Marie as Kida, and other fantastic faces from Geek & Sundry appear as well, with Blythe Kala (AXYB, Trail of Cthulhu Halloween Special, Numenera Special) as Ariel, Kailey Bray (Public Access, Gather Your Party) as Belle, and Saige Ryan (Gather Your Party) as Leia. Read the full story and catch their full episode in our coverage here. 


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Image Credits: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Andrea Towers, Damsels, Dice, and Everything Nice