Join Us For Our 3-Year Twitch-iversary Charity Stream

It’s been 3 years (or 21 dog years, if you prefer to count that way) since we first went live on Twitch. That’s a lot of games, stories, dancing, and interaction with you!

And as tradition dictates, we’re doing a celebratory stream to mark this occasion.  So on March 10th, starting at noon Pacific time and going until midnight, we’ll be doing a  3-shot RPG special stream!  


What’s a 3-shot? It’s 3 different adventures for 6 new characters created just for this event. Each character will be portrayed by a different actor in each game, so we’ll see three different takes on each character by a trio of actors who have worked collectively to bring them to life. The adventures are set at the beginning, middle and end of the heroes’ journey so we’ll also tell a complete story from the choice to take up arms against evil to death or retirement, however these characters go out.  Also, we’re working with Matt Mercer to plan the games using the Tal’Dorei campaign setting.

Yes, that’s 3 separate games, 3 dungeon masters, 6 characters (but 18 players), and all over 12 hours celebrating 3 years and HUNDREDS of hours of content. Oh, and a bunch of other craziness on top of all that!

More importantly, we’re supporting a charity near and dear to us: 826LA, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6 to 18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write. We’ll be encouraging donations more leisurely, but that doesn’t mean we won’t ratchet up the number of totally gif-able moments on the stream. (2)

Here’s our cast of intrepid players (in alphabetical order):

Eric Campbell, Amy Dallen, Kelly D’Angelo, Kate Elliott, Erika Fermina, Ryan Green, Trisha Hershberger, Jody Houser, Taliesin Jaffe, Keller Knoblock, Havana Mahoney, Markeia McCarty, Hector Navarro, Aliza Pearl, Becca Scott, Rachel Seeley, Kendra Vaughan & B. Dave Walters

And our Dungeon Masters:

Eric Campbell, Sax Carr & Amy Dallen

With special appearances from G&S favorites Sam de Leve, Zach Wilson, and many many more!

We’re excited to get the party started! Join us on Twitch this Saturday, March 10th starting at noon Pacific time all the way until midnight to help us support 826LA and celebrate our Twitch-iversary!