Roll20 Crew: Upgraded!

Our adventuring party grows! Exciting new backgrounds, talents, and skills have been added to the Roll20 team, brought to you by some fantastically cool people. 

With their help and expertise, we have really neat things on the horizon. Stop for a moment to say hi!

Amber: Business Developer


Hey y’all! I’m Amber. I’ve worked in tabletop games for the last decade in brand strategy as well as licensing, marketing, and sales. I like spending time outside, roll & write games, Nintendo, Thai food, and dogs.

Ashton: Senior Producer


Hi all, I’m Ashton (she/her), your friendly neighborhood senior producer! I support your dice collection habit even if you only roll virtual dice, and I take warlock pact applications in the form of puns or Petrarchan sonnets. You can catch me talking about video game deep lore or my dog on twitter @ashtonnduncan.

Dylan: Graphic Designer


Hello there! I’m Dylan Todd and I’m pleased to be the new Graphic Designer for Roll20. With over a dozen years of agency and in-house design experience, I’m excited to help extend and refine the Roll20 brand and continue making it the best virtual tabletop on the market. I enjoy roleplaying games, Star Wars, Star Wars roleplaying games, comic books and shooting aliens in Destiny 2. One time I ate a 20” pastrami sub and lived to tell the tale.

Nick: XP Team Member


Hello wonderful people! I’m Nick. Gamer, DM/GM, animal-lover (I have a Border Collie named Jax and a cute bun-bun named Verlegen), maker of things, and enthusiastic traveler.To all the critters out there, is it Thursday yet?

We’re thrilled to have them and the essential upgrades to our team that they bring. We’re laying the groundwork for an even shinier new future, so a hearty welcome to Amber, Ashton, Dylan, and Nick!