Someone Is Planning A Fyre Fest LARP In Detroit

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Fyre Fest was marketed as a luxury music festival held in the Bahamas. The event was disastrous, with patrons who paid thousands of dollars left stranded with insufficient supplies, investors defrauded, and event contractors and company staff unpaid.  It’s notoriety spurred 2 documentaries that investigate how what started as a software marketing event became a criminal enterprise, and now it looks some enterprising people in Detroit are looking at making Fyre Fest into a roleplaying setting, according to the Detroit Metro Times.

The LARP (live-action roleplaying) event is listed on Facebook with details TBD, but the Detroit Metro Times quotes event organizer Michaelle Birawer of Harsh Tokes Booking: “I meant it to be a joke, to be honest, and now it’s going to happen because people seem really seem into it […] It’s becoming its own thing without me releasing any information. It’s becoming a social experiment, but a positive one!” According to Birawer, all proceeds of the event will be going to charity.

The event is going to be held on Detroit’s own island, Belle Isle, which admittedly has its own charm and itself isn’t especially dystopian. Fiji water has offered to sponsor the event, there is a caterer who is slated to provide cheese sandwiches. Local bands will be “booked” but will never perform. Birawer is even preparing characters for attendees: “Upon arrival, people will be given their itinerary and an envelope which will assign them a character.” Yes, someone will pull the envelope and have the privilege of playing the unwitting event producer Andy King, willing to do the unthinkable to get water out of customs:

In my heart, I’m truly hoping that one of those characters is RoboCop. While he’s not a part of the Fyre Fest “canon”, it does seem weird to have a LARP in Detroit that riffs on a dystopia (albeit a luxury musical festival version)  without him, and it would be fun to imagine someone actively searching out the person who has to play scammer and Fyre Fest Mastermind Billy McFarland.

Image Credits: Fyre Fest LARP, Orion Films, City Parks Alliance