Starfinder Alien Archive Now Available on Roll20!


Write your name in the stars, or at
least on a ship that will take you there! Launch your next Roll20 adventure in
Paizo’s Starfinder RPG, a science fiction world filled with new worlds and
strange aliens both friendly and fearsome.

today, you can purchase
the Alien Archive
to get over 100 alien lifeforms ready to drop in your
game. Each creature has integrated feats and spells that can be activated with
a simple click from Roll20’s official Starfinder character sheet. What’s more,
player rules for a host of creatures lets players not just fight aliens, but be
them! Your future as a winged dragonkin or a hyper-evolved floating brain
awaits at the click of a button.

represents the first time that Paizo, creators of the beloved swords and
sorcery Pathfinder RPG, has ventured into space. And where better to play a
game about the future than Roll20’s virtual tabletop?

the Alien Archive today for $39.99
and start your own game complete with
maps, dice, and everything else you need to play or run a tabletop game online!

Starfinder Alien
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