Storytelling with ‘Weave’ – Q&A With Amy Dallen

Weave Society is our weekly storytelling/RPG show where Amy Dallen, Whitney Moore, Becca Scott, Stef Woodburn and Gina Divivo all take turns running the game (The Storyteller) and jump into one of Weave’s many worlds.  It airs Wednesdays on Twitch and Alpha starting at 9:30 PM Pacific.

Over the last two weeks, they took on the Gloomies playset, a “kids on bikes” style world where the girls are kids fighting or helping monsters, with Amy Dallen running the game.  With the Gloomies game wrapped along with Amy’s stint as Storyteller, we got a chance to pick Amy’s brain about the game and the system.

Weave 2
Q: This was the first time you’ve been running a game on Geek & Sundry, right? How was your experience as a storyteller with Weave as a system and app? 

Amy:  After a couple decades of giving GMs grief, yes, this was my first time behind the screen! I absolutely loved storytelling with this system and app. It feels like all the elements are designed to help you; simple but interesting conflict resolution, cards as story prompts and as much freedom as you’d like, so you can suit the game to your group.

Q: As you crafted and drove the story for the past 2 Weave Society episodes, would you mind sharing the points of inspiration you brought in, and how you married them with what the system itself was providing you?

Amy:  The basic starting point for a game of Weave is the three cards you draw for a Foundation, which give you a few basic ideas or choices for starting points depending on the playset you’re using. The playset we used, “Gloomies,” by Matt Youngmark, is designed to draw on a huge shared wealth of cultural memory and give you lots of room to play. So obviously I was looking at classic 1980s movies we all love, but there’s a lot of newer material like “Gravity Falls” that very much reflects the vibe of this world. The setting for this one gives you so much to work with that your decisions end up being more about what to lean on than what to bring in, and your players will tell you a lot about where to do the leaning.

Q: For people who were looking to run a game using Weave, what would you say to them?

Amy: If you’re even slightly interested in running a game of Weave, go for it! If you run into questions like I did, you can run them by the wonderful community support from Monocle Society; one of the benefits of being a relatively new system is that there’s an active, friendly group of folks all learning together. Definitely hop into the discord, which is linked from inside the app. I also really hope folks will get inspired to make their own playsets for the game because the sky is really the limit with this system. All you really need, though, is players! Preferably delightfully batty ones like mine.

Q: What were your favorite moments from the show so far? 

Amy:  I am completely spoiled as a GM now, because my players were all brilliant, absurd and perfect. My favorite moments, especially as a new GM, were the ones where they helped link up two elements and really made the story come to life for me, which was already happening during character creation and made the whole game feel like magic. That and “The Oath,” of course. Did I mention I really lucked out with this crew?

Q: What are you most looking forward to when you sit at the table as a player for upcoming episodes?

Amy: I am already sad to be leaving Gloom Bay, but I’m just as excited to see the other playsets; because Weave is one of those systems designed to be skinned over any way you like, it can allow for very different worlds and tones. Also, I’m just excited to play! Becca’s up next, and she’s a diabolical genius, so I am both thrilled and frightened to find out what’s coming.

You can go back and catch the story from Weave Society on Twitch and Alpha. You can also jump in on the action as the cast takes on a new story tonight (Wednesday, February 21) starting 9:30 PM PT on Twitch and Alpha.

If you’d like to learn more about Weave, check out our hands-on overview and try out the system for yourself with preview cards.

Image Credits: Monocle Society, Geek & Sundry
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