Support Charity and Betray Your Players at the Same Time!

Donate $1 or more to Take This to unlock the Roll20 Holiday Art Pack!


Imagine a tired adventuring party stumbling into their favorite inn after a grueling battle, expecting their only reward to be a seat by the fire and a glass of cold ale. But look! The people of the town came together and organized a gift giving celebration JUST FOR THEM, the decorated tables piled high with brightly wrapped presents! Filled with joy, the adventurers reach to open their gifts… and the gifts sprout teeth and attack them.

This year’s Roll20 Holiday Art Pack lets you cackle maniacally at your players’ despair when their innocent hopes turn into evil teddy bears, haunted cookie jars, and ribbon-weaving spiders.

Best of all, if they complain, you can tell them “it was for a good cause” because the only way to unlock this art pack is by donating $1 USD or more to Take This, a 501c3 charity that provides support and training for mental health issues in the game community. All proceeds from your donation go directly to charity!

Make a donation now and give yourself the gift of crushing players’ spirits with this Roll20 Holiday Art Pack!