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Wyrd Chronicles Issue 37 Now Available

Filling your day with gaming is easy when you have a gaming magazine.Learning karate is easy when you walk into a spider web without expecting it. Put these two together and you’ve got the latest issue of Wyrd Chronicles. Issue 37 is available now for your downloading and reading pleasure.

Steamforged Posts SteamCon US Reveals

SteamCon US was last weekend. I really wish I could’ve gone, but such is life. As usual for the show, Steamforged had a whole bunch of reveals for upcoming Guild Ball releases. They included an update about organized play kits, a look at Veteran Greede, and the new minor guild, the Miners.

Centershaft Fallen Elements Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Four adventurers have been tasked with collecting rare gems from a mystical cavern. However, once inside, they realize that not only are the gems guarded by a group of natives, but they’re also magical gems. Oh, and don’t forget the giant guardian also protecting them. I feel that’s important to mention, too. Will they be …

Centershaft Fallen Elements Board Game Up On KickstarterRead More »

Guritz & Gothmog’s Enforcer Minis Available to Order From Forge World

While many might think of the orc armies as just mindless hordes rampaging across the countryside, they have leaders just like any other force. Forge World has released a new set for you Lord of the Rings players. They’re Guritz and Gothmog’s Enforcer. You can get your name on the list now, with sets being …

Guritz & Gothmog’s Enforcer Minis Available to Order From Forge WorldRead More »

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