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Saving the Bard

I like to bash on the bard, because well, what kind of adventurer brings a lute to a swordfight? It doesn’t help that Monty Python makes them seem counter-productive: …and Final Fantasy gave them the special ability to Hide… …but I secretly think that the bard should be the best class, hands-down. Others agree that …

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When Brands Play Games

Wendy’s recent foray into tabletop gaming has been controversial, but it’s not the first time a brand has ventured into our gaming space. What’s changed? Tabletop gaming’s popularity has increased to a point that it is now considered a viable market for big brands to advertise. With rise of role-playing games creating luxury products retailing …

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RPG Crowdfunding News – Corpus Malicious, Doikayt, Arcana Academy, and more

In this article, I review RPG crowdfunding campaigns that end between November 8th and November 14th. This list includes at least 17 projects; there are more, but during that 7-day stretch, I selected these to reflect on. Corpus Malicious – The Codex of Evil for 5E by… RPG Crowdfunding News – Corpus Malicious, Doikayt, Arcana …

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Modiphius To Produce Homeworld RPG

In their ongoing quest to publish every game in the world, Modiphius has just announced that it is creating the official Homeworld: Revelations tabletop RPG. Here’s the full announcement: Modiphius Entertainment are excited to announce that under licence from Gearbox Software LLC, they are creating a tabletop roleplaying game,HOMEWORLD: Revelations, based on the popular Homeworld …

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