Take the Black in ‘A Game of Thrones Catan: Brotherhood of the Watch’

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While the political intrigue envelops the noble houses of the Seven Kingdoms, you and your opponents take the Black to keep Westeros safe from the wildlings that lurk just outside the Wall.

As you reinforce the Wall and gather resources to build throughout the ancient territory known as the Gift, will you be able to fend off the wildlings’ continuous attacks? Or will Westeros be overrun on your watch?

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In A Game of Thrones Catan: Brotherhood of the Watch, players seek to expand their holdings in the Gift while maintaining a presence on the wall to fend off the wildlings. They’ll do this by gathering resources, shrewdly trading these resources with their opponents, buying development cards, and building roads, settlements, and keeps throughout the Gift.

Like original Catan, dice determine which land produces resources (lumber, ore, wool, grain, or brick). The active player may trade with their opponents in an attempt to acquire the necessary resources to build in the Gift or add guards to the Wall. They may also buy or play development cards on their turn.


If a player rolls a 7, then Tormund invades the Gift. They’ll move Tormund to the hex of their choice (thus, shutting off resource production there) and they may steal a random resource from any opponent.

Winter is coming, though, and wildlings lurk in the Frostfangs beyond the Wall. Any time a player builds a settlement or keep, wildlings leave the Frostfangs to begin their trek towards the Wall. Each turn a die is rolled that determines the wildlings movement.

Only the players’ guards can prevent the wildlings from breaching the Wall and entering the Gift. If a wildling breaches the Wall, they’ll land on a hex and shut off production of that land’s resources.


Thankfully, players will have the Heroes of the North to help protect the Gift. These cards give each player a unique ability and players may exchange cards throughout the game.

The first to 10 Victory Points wins the game. However, if the Wall has been breached three times, the game ends immediately and the player with the most guards on the Wall wins a “tragic” victory.


Fantasy Flight Games is well known for its stellar components and artwork and you and your fellow fans will be thrilled to see that no expense has been spared in the production of A Game of Thrones Catan: Brotherhood of the Watch.

Only one of you, though, will claim victory as the new Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch.

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