The Orr Group Industry Report – Q1 2018

Quarterly Industry Report returns! Today we’re analyzing gaming trends on the
Roll20 platform from Q1 2018. Our sample size is ever increasing to accommodate our growing platform, and Q1’s Game Sample Size is 126,213 with a Player Sample Size of 102,860.


Q1 is reliably a great month for games on Roll20.
Whether that’s because of extra time, holiday cheer, or winter slowly forcing
us to huddle around the glowing friendship box – we’re not entirely certain.

& Dragons 5E’s
growth trend has been increasing about 3% each
quarter, and this trend has maintained for Q1 2018. The phrase “the rising tide raises all
ships” is quite true in our corner of the tabletop industry, and despite the continued
growth of D&D, other publishers on our platform continue to see increased
player numbers overall.

continues to be in a reliable second place, with the
official Pathfinder character sheet and adventures helping to cement it
We believe Pathfinder will continue to rise, especially as our
support for the system continues with more product and upcoming Charactermancer support.
Starfinder is growing steadily, from #16 to #11 over the course of two
quarters, and we anticipate that the release of the official Starfinder sheet,
as well as some excellent Starfinder products, will break it into the top 10 in no time.

of Cthulhu is one of the biggest disruptors on the list. It’s been rising in
ranks bit by bit each quarter, but has shot up from the 8th most
played game on Roll20 to the 4th. This is likely due to their successful new edition picking up steam, but every function I try to run to
examine this trend simply returns the value #Error.TheDarkLordWillsIt

be releasing the Q2 Industry Report pretty soon as the Q1 report was a little
delayed. Until
then, please enjoy the complete Q1 2018 Industry report below: