WATCH: Game the Game – Edge Of Darkness

Every week, Game the Game host Becca Scott is joined by awesome guests to play fantastic tabletop games here on Geek & Sundry!

This week, Becca and guests Amy Dallen, Kate Elliott are joined by game designer John D. Clair to his newest game, Edge of Darkness: a game currently funding on Kickstarter that blends deckbuilding, worker placement, drafting, and a mechanic called “card-crafting,” which, if you’ve played Mystic Vale (also by designed John D. Clair), you’ll have some familiarity with. Each player is a leader of a powerful guild in the city of Aegis, which sits precipitously close to a horde of dangerous creatures known as the Blight. You are all responsible for protecting the city from attack, but what you’re really interested in is building your own power through influence, wealth, and reputation. Whoever has done so the most at the end of eight rounds has won the game.

Each round starts with players drawing their hand of cards from their Guild Hall (which might hold some of your cards) and the Street, which is filled with neutral cards as well as cards belonging to each other player. You can use other players’ cards, but you’ll have to pay them to do so and place the card in their Guild Hall afterward, letting them play it next turn. After drawing cards you’ll get to do some card-crafting, which involves taking these mostly transparent plastic cards and fitting them into sleeves, thus improving a card in your hand.

Each turn you’ll also be gathering cubes matching each players’ colors and dropping some into the Threat Tower: a menacing plastic structure that decides who each of the three nearest monsters will attack. The number of cubes you draw is determined by the cards in your hand, so as they get better you’ll start to draw more each turn. When enough cubes have accumulated the monsters attack at least one player, but might attack everyone if their cubes are tied or there are more black cubes than any one color. If you can defend against their attack, you’ll earn a victory point, but if you can’t, then you’ll start to lose your good reputation.

Want your Guild to be the strongest, wealthiest, and most respected in all of Aegis? You’ll have to test yourself against the Edge of Darkness.

Edge of Darkness is currently on Kickstarter and is currently funded at over $250K! You can secure a copy of your own by backing the project, but you better do it soon, as you only have until March 23rd . 

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