Weave Society Q&A: Becca Scott Reflects On Her Storyteller Experience

In case you’ve been missing it, Weave Society is our weekly storytelling/RPG show where Amy Dallen, Whitney Moore, Becca Scott, Stef Woodburn and Gina Divivo all take turns running the game (The Storyteller) and jump into one of Weave’s many worlds.  It airs Wednesdays on Twitch and Alpha starting at 9:30 PM Pacific.

At the start of the show, Amy Dallen sat in the Storyteller’s chair, and jumped into the Goonies playset. After two episodes, Becca took over the Storyteller chair, and ran a game set in the Solar Age playset, which is a space adventure in the style of 1950s pulp science fiction. Now that Becca’s run as Storyteller on Weave Society is over, we asked her a few questions to reflect on her experience.

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G&S: So rumor has it that this was your first run in the Storyteller chair – is that true? How would you describe the experience with Weave and the Solar Age playset?

Becca: The rumors are true! This was my first time sitting in the GM chair. It was definitely a much different experience than being a player. There’s this sense of total control, and total pressure because it’s on you to make sure the players are continually put in interesting situations. Weave was such an easy and comfortable system to work with because it definitely helped to move much of the onus of story creation off of my shoulders (and into my palm with a handy app!) I was completely sucked in while playing around with the playset beforehand. I think I read just about every card possibility (I cheated!) and the world Stefan Marmion created in Solar Age is rich, varied, and allows for some real deep dives into its mythos.

G&S: Amy mentioned that she was a little scared of what sorts of things you’d conjure up while running the game (she actually called you a diabolical genius). Do you think there was anything you did in your run as the Storyteller to earn that title?

Becca:  I totally failed in living up to the lofty diabolical expectations on me. This is because I didn’t want to bog down or limit my players’ ideas in any way, so if they had a justification as to why they should be able to roll extra dice in a challenge, I went with it. Another reason I chose not to be as evil as I am sometimes inclined, is that our show is only an hour and a half. If any particular event or mission were too difficult, it would eat up a pretty big chunk of showtime. I wanted things to keep rolling to be able to tell as much of a story as possible in that time, and luckily the players dice rolls were conducive to that.

G&S: The fan response to Weave Society has been incredible, both in terms the interaction in chat, people responding on social media with the hashtag #WeaveSociety, and even creating incredible fan art. Is there any particular response that’s blown you away from the growing Weave Society community?

Becca: I was blown away by all of it. Having someone create art based on your own silly words is just about the greatest compliment someone can give. One thing that particularly stood out in my memory of the #WeaveSociety Gallery is the depiction of an NPC I threw in called “The Salivator”, a rat-person with a horrific story about the dissolution of her crew. The level of attention to detail in so many of these drawings really floors me.

G&S: You’ve been both a player and a Storyteller on Weave Society. What were your favorite moments during the show so far as a player, and as a Storyteller?

Becca:  My favorite moments as a player during Amy Dallen’s run of Goonies were when Amy described the semi-daemon (which is basically a Demogorgon) with terrifying detail, and when it turned to look at our PC’s I felt a literal chill run down my spine. I was also stoked when I had stolen the engine from my mom’s car to power my computer and it just so happened we needed a getaway in a VW van that was missing an engine. Kismet.

My favorite moments as a Storyteller were when Gina DeVivo, as “Crawley” the AI, ran off a ship full of marauding space pirates by jumping into a thick Australian accent with zero hesitation and convincing the pirates this ship had already been raided. Another was when I described a desolate area of space with corpses floating by, and Stef Woodburn, as “Sinatra,” used her ability to communicate with the dead to interact with the maimed NPC’s remains. Then Crawley used her ability to send the lost soul on to another plane of existence.

You can go back and catch the past episodes of Weave Society on  Twitch and Alpha, or watch it live starting at 9:30 PM PT every Wednesday night!  And if you’d like to learn more about Weave, check out our hands-on overview and try out the system for yourself with preview cards.